Computer & Internet Use

To use our computers sign in at the circulation desk. If you have a Rossland Public Library card you will be asked to sign a use agreement the first time. If you are a visitor and don’t have a library card you will be required to sign in each time, thereby accepting the use agreement outlined below.

  1. You will lose your workstation privileges if you change the configuration of a workstation.
  2. Users are responsible for all costs connected with willful damage to and unauthorized removal of any computer components.
  3. Rossland Public Library reserves the right to revoke workstation privileges at any time without further notice.
  4. Personal or downloaded software cannot be installed by patrons. The Rossland Public Library is not responsible for damage to a user’s external data devices (USB sticks, etc), or for any loss of data, damage or liability that may occur from patron’s use of the Library computers.
  5. Users requiring a paper copy of information found electronically will be charged at the current rate for this service.
  6. Users are responsible for any commercial transactions made while using the Library’s Internet connection.
  7. Rossland Public Library is not responsible for content or quality of Internet information. There are no content limitations on our network.