Computer & Internet Use

The Library currently has one public computer available for use. 

Acceptable Use Policy


The library provides access to the internet, both through public computers and wifi, to further its mission to entertain, inspire and educate members of its community.

The library does not filter internet content and users must be aware it is an unregulated, worldwide environment. It contains information and opinions that range in scope from reliable and authoritative to controversial or extremely offensive. Some information found on the Internet may NOT be accurate, complete, or current. Users must assess the validity of the information found. Users should be aware that the internet is not a secure medium and that third parties may be able to obtain information about users’ activities. The Library assumes no responsibility for the security and privacy of on-line transactions.

Children are entitled to access to all information and facilities in the Library.  As with usage of all other Library materials, monitoring a child’s access to the internet is the responsibility of the parent or guardian.

The library is public space shared by users of all ages, backgrounds and sensibilities. Internet users are asked to consider other patrons when accessing the internet, both on public use computers and their own devices.

Library users are subject to federal, provincial and municipal legislation regulating internet use, including the provisions of the Criminal Code regarding obscenity, child pornography, sedition and the incitement of hate. The use of the Library’s Internet services for illegal purposes is prohibited, and may result in prosecution. Internet users should also be aware that online content may be copyrighted and printing this content is against the law.


Public Computers

Library staff will assist users with the current login procedures.

Computer users may not download software or change the configuration of the workstations and will be responsible for all costs connected to any damage to them.

The library is not responsible for any damage to any external data devices the patron may use in conjunction with the library computers.



Printing is available at the Library for a fee.
Please pay at the circulation desk.

Letter & Legal (8×10):
B&W: $0.30
Colour: $0.75

Ledger (11×17):
B&W: $1.00
Colour: $1.50

$0.25 per email


Updated January 2022