Code of Conduct

Schedule of fees

The Rossland Public Library does not charge or collect late fees. 

Replacement of library card: $2.00

Book Replacement and Processing fee:

Any materials that must be replaced due to loss or damage will be assessed a $5.00 processing fee to offset staff time spent ordering and re-cataloguing the item as well as the cost of the book replacement.


Replacement fees totalling $20 or more will result in suspension of the cardholder’s privileges. These must be paid off in full in order for the card to be reinstated.

Printing & photocopying

Letter & Legal:   B&W  30¢  ; colour 75¢

Ledger: B&W  $1 ; colour $1.50

Scanning: 25 ¢  per email


Meeting Room Booking

Free for non-profit purposes.

$50 for up to three hours for other uses.



We understand that the Library is a fun place for children and want it to stay that way!
For more information on our policy around children in the Library please see the following.

Child and/or Children means a person or persons under the age of 12 years old. For clarity, caregiver means parents, guardians and responsible adults over the age of 12.

• Caregivers are responsible for overseeing the care and safety of their children at all times while in the Library.
• Children must be within eyesight of the a caregiver at all times.
• A caregiver is required to remain with the child during a Library program unless the caregiver checks with the program provider and is available to attend to their child immediately upon completion of the program.
• A caregiver attending meetings on Library property must keep their children with them in the meeting.
• If a child is left in the Library 15 minutes after closing times staff will contact the Province of BC Child Protection Services for guidance.
• Under no circumstances is Library staff allowed to take a child home in his/her own car, or use any other mode of public transport.
• Vandalism and disruptive behavior will not be tolerated and may serve as grounds for removal from Library property.